A & G Dance Company

The A&G Dance Company is considered an Alternative Dance Company specializing in Performance, Education and Choreography.

In a class with Adam and Gail you will learn who you are as a dancer and be encouraged to pull it out. Classes place heavy emphasis on proper core alignment to ensure a safe and graceful approach to movement. Weight change, spacial awareness and musicality are also explored. Whether you are dancing for fun, for technique or for exercise, you will be sure to get a fulfilling experience.

Adam and Gail make a compelling team. They both studied dance at the college level as well as belonging to a professional dance company. They have years of professional experience with all ages and demographics.
Whether your goals are to become a dancer, gain confidence for an event, to learn knowledge in the field or just to keep in shape, you've come to the right place. In a workshop with A&G, you will most certainly learn all the technique, culture, knowledge and confidence you can ever need to accomplish your individual goals.

A&G Believes that...
*Dance is an art form that everyone can enjoy-even boys and men!
*Children should learn how to control their bodies so they can respect themselves and others.
*Children and adults can benefit in sports, acting, performing and presenting by learning how to dance and body awareness.
*Obesity is a major issue and people can lose weight by having fun!
*Dance doesn't have to be competitive
*Learning a dance to a song is fun, but can you really dance to music without choreography? Can you let loose at a wedding or party? We can help!
A&G have worked with people in the music and dance industry, choreographed for grand events and continue to create the physical element to Adam's music in videos and live productions.

The A&G Dance Company prefers working in unique spaces and with a diverse clientele, with the real goal being to break down the stereotypes of why we dance, how we dance and pushing forward the fact that dancing is something for everyone to enjoy and benefit from.

Classes A&G Offer

Youth-Adult Hip Hop, Tap, Yogalates (pilates and yoga), Ballet, and Contemporary. We also offer a fitness approached Ballet Barre class. In a class with A&G, expect to learn technique, rhythm, coordination, musicality, breath control, muscle development, body alignment and an understanding of how you move within time and space.

*In addition to studying dance at the college level, Gail has also studied Early Childhood Development and makes sure all of her classes are developmentally appropriate. Adam and Gail keep all of their classes fun and educational at the same time.

"I studied dance from age 3. It was bittersweet years of teachers trying to force my body into positions and my mind into boxes. Although I am grateful for their teachings, since the day I stopped studying is when I truly became a dancer. I've spent the last 8 years learning who I am as a mover and now as a teacher, I try to give my students the tools to find out who they are as well."

“What I like about Adam & Gail as teachers, is that they never give off the impression that they’d rather be somewhere else. They don’t look at teaching as a means to an end. It is part of who they are as dancers and artists.”-Mary F. (student)

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From Scratch
A Simple Form of Expression
The Underground Method
Raise the Flag
Independent Matters
Grunge Pop

Because A&G are performers, they run workshops at various locations and currently do not have a dance studio. They also have artists residencies in schools all over Long Island from Queens to East Hampton.
They are also in collaboration with the Hampton Ballet Theatre School in Bridgehampton!
Other locations are:
East Hampton
Hampton Bays

-Detailed schedule available upon request
-We run Summer camps at prime locations in the Hamptons!
-Private classes and instruction available.
-We do Kids Parties!
-We do Private Performances!
The A&G Dance Company is NYS Registered Artists in Schools for Nassau and Suffolk county!